Journey 4

What even is it? I think during my first term at uni, I just fully absorbed what I could, but I felt I could’ve written about it everyday.

So even though I’m like two months into semester two, when is a good time to start?

Right, I think I’ll start from here on out.

These aim of these pieces won’t be for an audience, but to help me just get things off my mind.

Writing has helped me in the past and now it’s time for it to help me again.


Thank you for reading

3 thoughts on “Journey 4

  1. misterbeliever says:

    Yay, so glad to see you up and writing again. I hope uni is treating you good. I really have been thinking about you and had been wondering how you have been doing over there and reading your posts is good enough of an update. Keep on keeping on, my friend.

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