Is it the end?

When I look back through my WordPress, I can only think of how thankful I am to those who have supported me throughout my time on here. To those who read my posts and actually understood what it was like.

I am glad I made the decision to become anonymous, and start writing about how things were daily. This sounds a bit strange, but this has become my therapy. Somewhere to write about how things were crap, without being judged or disregarded. That’s what I like about this platform. 

But whilst things have started to pick up again, I feel like I am starting to move on from things that have been clutching onto me for a considerable part of my life. Things have been accelerated for a lot of reasons.

I’m hopefully going to university in September this year, and it feels so weird. I need to get myself together. No time to waste anymore. My best friend is healthier than ever, as he has nearly smashed Leukaemia for the second time. And the memories of a fallen best friend have become ones to laugh and cherish, as I hear his voice everyday pushing me forward. It’s something I have held onto in my mind and has gotten me through some moments where I miss him so much. Just knowing he’s in a better place gets me through sometimes when I miss him.

When I joined this platform anonymously, I never expected to read stories of people of my age having experienced the loss of a best friend. To you people who I’ve contacted about this, I am so thankful to you all for being able share our stories , it’s somewhat reassuring. 

I’m still going to be writing on here, it’s just that I’ve got a load of A-level work to do, and sometimes I just forget to write on here. This platform and the people on here who I’ve contacted, I cannot be more thankful for.  

Thank you for reading. All the best.


Twitter – @ExplorerTrapped


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