Not Quite

Well to put it this way, New Years Eve/day was pretty eventful to be quite honest.

I managed to ruin it for the girl I’ve been the most closest to. Like seriously I ruined it for her. I hate myself for it as well, and it was all my fault.

To be honest, she’s been pretty much the reason why I’ve been happy of late. She picked me up out of what felt like some of the worst moments of my life a few months back, and she was able to understand everything pretty much. We used text a lot and then we’d end up meeting at parties and everytime we’d get closer and closer. But at a party last week, there was something there that I think we both felt. 

But anyways things have been moving quite quickly the past week or so and we planned to meet up on New Years Eve at a party which we were both invited to. As it was New Years Eve with friends, us friends all got pretty drunk and when she arrived with her friends, I just didn’t go speak to her, I just ended up just staying with my friends because it was the last time we’ll all be together for about two months. This is because I was genuinely having a good time and that doesn’t happen often enough at parties. 

But it wasn’t until midnight and into the new year that I went to go speak to her, but she was having none of it. Rightfully she was annoyed because it was NYE and I didn’t even make the effort. I feel stupid, and selfish. 

But the thing is, she said she doesn’t want to speak no more, but she’s been the only one for a while now that’s actually made me happy. It’s kinda sad to be honest.

Guess that’s how to start off the New Year in a bad way. 

Thank you for reading. All the best.


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