Festive Season

Ah Christmas is over and the whole festive season for another year is finished. While Christmas time is a good time for many, it’s difficult for others and for those who don’t like the season, they are often discarded as being Scrooge’s. Whilst this narrow-minded slur is often passed around, it’s annoying that people are able to label people of this, even though they could be going through a huge battle in their minds.

Christmas this year for me was really good. Hard to beat last year’s Christmas, but it was still decent. But for me it was a time of reflection on what this year has been, which has been pretty crap to be honest.

All I could think about at times throughout the day was how my friend’s family were coping and how my friend in peace would be doing. When I think how tough things may be, I think about what happened and realise that things have been tougher for others.

Mentally in my head, things have gotten much better for me I feel. Although there are still some annoying reminders of the one, and memories of my friend; I just feel like the reminders of the one have become less significant when I faced them head on, and the memories of my friend which were so hard to digest because of what happened, have become memories to laugh and celebrate as the incredible person he was.

But that’s about me, how about you. What can you do to start getting at the pain that’s killing you. It’s almost the impossible question. A question with a space for an answer which could be a solution. 

Thank you for reading. All the best.


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