Oh what a contradictory post this is going to be. But just experiencing pure happiness for one day is somewhat of a rarity these days. I mean I came home feeling great. Someone who was just completely new, even if it was just for one day. How would you describe ‘pure happiness’?

I mean today was pretty chill again, but everything seemed to go the way I wanted it to go. Guess the school work and stress from that, is easing for the time being; although I don’t expect it to last, so I am enjoying it at the moment .

My friends seemed to be getting on with their own things, and there was no real disruption, which was great. I love it when we’re all just individually but sorta collectively getting on with something. Guess it’s a welcome break from me forcing myself to make a lot of effort on days where I feel like I can’t. But yeah another good thing from today.

But seeing the one and being with her for two hours was something I wasn’t ready for. I mean I always expect the worse with her. But today she was trying to talk to me, and me being my naive self I gave in and gave her the attention I wished I never gave. It reminded me of how things used to be between us, and I have only just started to try forget about her. But to be honest, she didn’t mention anything to annoy me which was great. I was so relieved.

But after school I stayed back to do some work. And talking to a friend who I’ve known since Year 2 (sorry I don’t know what grade this is, in America!), reminiscing the primary school days, and our happy memories of our friend who passed away. Just sat there laughing, reminiscing the good ol’ days where there were no problems, felt so therapeutic in some ways.

If anything it was so well needed. But today was all about feeling good and happy. These days don’t come along so often, so I bloody well enjoyed it!

Thank you for reading. Goodnight. All the best.


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