Woah, well today’s post is going to be a little different. By that I mean, I am going to describe how sixth form went for me today, because it wasn’t like no ordinary day, at times.

I arrived at sixth form, really dreading it to say the least. The first two lessons were a nightmare. A bombardment of work, and there I was sat next to the one who I really didn’t want to be anywhere near. It was awkward for about an hour, then we changed classrooms and seats, then it got easier. Thankfully.

Then after that was break time where I sat on the edge of my friendship group on my phone. I meaninglessly scrolled through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, whilst overhearing conversations from my friends. Even though I do this all the time now, I found that today was pretty calm. I quietly enjoyed sitting within my friendship group, but just on the side, overlooking both the rows. I can’t quite put a description of the feeling to it, but it was ‘comfortable’.

After break, I had a free period with a few friends. But they all departed the area and went elsewhere, whilst I just sat in the same spot as break time, just getting along with work. But what was weird about being alone this time was that in the past I would get really anxious about being sat alone in a big area, whilst other parts of the common room were populated. I was embracing all this alone, but not alone time. I wasn’t phased by it at all. In fact I liked it.

Lunch was exactly the same as break but for longer, which was pretty cool I guess. But the last lesson was where I was totally zoned out. The hour flew by, and this was especially appreciated because I was sat next to the one to avoid, and she didn’t manage to annoy me in any sort of way, which was a pleasant surprise.

But if I’m being honest, this comfortable feeling wasn’t something that was particularly popular in my mind. Honestly, today felt like a message to me saying to enjoy it all now, because it’ll all be over soon. I’m not sure what to think of this. But I am comfortable with it.

Thank you for reading. Goodnight. All the best.


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