Woah. Today has been so strange. I can’t quite put a word to it but it has been a weird one. Yesterday was an unbelievably tough day. The dark place got even darker and I was an inch closer to wanting to end it all. But today I received some signs.

With yesterday’s thoughts of ending it all, waking up this morning was something I hoped didn’t happen. But it did and I thought to myself I aren’t wasting it. I got on with a tonne of work, which never happens on a Sunday for me aha.

Throughout the day, my social media was littered with mental health and suicide prevention messages. Now bearing in mind I follow one mental health page on my social media, and I barely ever see their social media updates. But today for some reason, all the messages I saw today was relatable in every single way.

I found that I was reading every post that I saw, and each of them was significant for how I was feeling. It was actually quite good to know that someone was behind these messages, and I wasn’t alone as someone else was experiencing it too. Guess it helped a little bit to know that.

I feel slightly better, but knowing that I’m back at sixth form tomorrow, to come across someone I don’t want to see, is kinda dampening the mood a little. But guess I gotta keep moving forward and not worry about pointless stuff.

Thank you for reading. Goodnight. All the best.


Twitter – @ExplorerTrapped



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