It’s a weird thing is progress. Essentially it is about moving forward or doing better than previously. Progress is associated with positivity, but it isn’t always easy to make progress. Have you made any sort of progression in your life at the moment?

I would honestly love to talk positively about things but I find it so hard to find what was positive about my day. My mind is really not in the right place. I consider and contemplate too many negative thoughts throughout the day, and it’s changing my perspective of how I view general day-to-day things.

I mean I am so far behind on a lot of work because my mind is so far away from reality. However as this post is about ‘Progress’, I feel more motivated than ever to do my work. The goal of university is in sight and I am more ready than ever to reach that. But my concentration and daily reminders of someone is becoming more than just a hindrance. The person is becoming one of my central thoughts of the day and I can’t seem to knock it out of my mind.

This is triggering certain thoughts and feelings, that I cannot escape from. I feel like it has physically taken over me, and it’s so unbearable. Like at one point of the day I’m fine and everything seems to be okay, but just the thought of one is there. Back in my mind. Ruining me again. Ah I hate myself sometimes.

Thank you for reading. Goodnight. All the best.


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