That Sunday Feeling

Wow. Who would’ve thought that a Sunday was fairly decent for once?! Not me for one. How was your Sunday?

Well today was quite unusual to say the least. My mind waved the white flag today. It was like the Christmas Day truce of 1914. The thoughts that have been grinding me down were none-existent today, and it felt so good. I haven’t felt this free in a long time.

But I haven’t taken today for granted. For anyone out there who knows what it’s like, you can’t take good days for granted because you never know when the next one will arrive. I managed to get some school work done, and I sorted out a lot of files for all the work.

If there was one thing that really cheered me us was receiving an email, with such amazing compliments regarding these blogs that I publish. A special mention to that person, you truly made me that little happier today! I hope that you continue in the right track, even through the hard days, and I know how difficult that may be, but you’ve already come so far.

Sorry to end on a bad note, but here’s to the upcoming week. Another five days at sixth form where I try to avoid the inevitable trap that I’ll fall into. I hope to avoid serious contact with the one, and hopefully things will be decent this week. But it’s the hope that kills. Aha.

Thank you for reading. Goodnight. All the best.


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